About Us

Hi everyone and welcome to themoneydoll.com. As I previously stated in my welcome page, this is a place for personal and financial growth for both you and I. I am also starting a section for bloggers focusing on new bloggers in particular to help the create a successful blog.

To start, my name is Courtney. My boyfriend Ryan, our dogs Jack and Meadow, and myself recently moved from Newfoundland, Canada to Alberta, Canada to better ourselves. We decided that something had to change and for us a large move to a rich province was the way to go.

Back home in NL, we lived pay check to pay check, struggled with our bills and could not see a light at the end of our tunnel. I am a Licensed Practical Nurse who worked in a dermatology clinic Monday to Friday 8:30-4:30 and as a lash extension artist every other hour. Although money was decent, rent was much higher there and we just could not get ahead. My boyfriend is a 4th year Electrician but there is no permanent job opportunities for him back home. He would work contract to contract sometimes leaving myself and our two Golden Retrievers home by ourselves for weeks on end. He was unemployed more times than not. For us, this was not the life we wanted to live. We wanted to spend our days together and his goal was a permanent position with minimal time away from home. So what did we do? We sold all of our things, I quit my job, and we drove 6000 km in our tiny packed up sedan.

Quit your full time permanent position? Crazy I know. We left on a whim, not knowing what the future would hold. Luckily, my brother – whom is the manager of a large oil company – was able to get Ryan a full time position. This is a full time entry level position in a completely different field than what he is use to but the money is GREAT. He is making way more than I did working both of my jobs at home. Finally it feels as though we are in the right direction! I am still working as a lash artist here and starting to build my clientele. But having two good jobs is just the start!

My advice and guidance for you is not going to tell you to do something extreme like our situation. I am going to help you learn and grow using the situation you are currently in. On the other hand, if you do feel like a huge change is absolutely needed then I will support you in that as well. The goal is to learn and grow together.

As a young female in this debt dependent world, I know the feeling of drowning. Each and every month in the past two years has been a struggle for me – bills and emotions running high. This will be a place to track my progress, set new goals for everyone, help you become financially stable and hopefully debt free!

Join us as we set higher goals for ourselves, work towards a debt free life, and grow as bloggers.