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As I have previously stated in 10 ways to make extra money this summer, blogging can generate a great income. It just takes time, great content, and a few more tricks up the sleeve. If you enjoy writing – like myself – and think that this could help you express your thoughts and opinions then blogging may just be for you. In this post I will help explain how to create a blog in very easy steps.

Before we start I absolutely must state that if you see any blog host companies offering free blogs then I would stay far away. Although there are some small start up costs with starting a blog, it is critical to start with a great host. I suggest starting with Bluehost. From Bluehost you can create a WordPress blog and it is very easy to use. You can start with bluehost today for as little as $2.95/month by signing up using my link. You will also receive a free domain – a $15.00 freebie! By using Bluehost you are opening your doors to so many ways to generate an income which I will show you later in another tutorial. The options given to your will be $3.95/month for 36 months, $4.95/month for 24 months or $5.95/month for 12 months. Either of these are excellent options and will provide you with the best customer service! Click the link below to get this great offer through my link.

1. Go to Bluehost and click “Get Started Now”.

2. Pick a package which suits your needs. If you are just starting out I would recommend to pick the basic package. You can choose how many months you would like to pay for and can always upgrade later if you decide you need more. I currently have the basic package and it works great for me! To receive a free domain valued at $15.00 you must pick at least a 12 month plan.


3. Now you get to choose your domain. It is best to use a name which can be easily spelled, and not too long. Whatever you feel your blog is going to be about then I would relate it to that. It took me a whole four days to come up with a name… a bit extreme I know but take your time deciding as this will be the thing people will remember the most. If you choose a 12 month subscription you get your domain for FREE!

4. It is time to put your information in. Be honest with this because if this is going to be your business you want all of your correct information listed. It’s also important that you can prove that this is your blog.

5. When you choose your plan it gives you various options for security, extra protection etc. I chose the two options that I have ticked off in the following photo. These are basically the only things you need right now. It is also completely up to you. If you do not want extras right now you can add on later. To see what each means, click the more information tab next to each.

6. Finish creating your blog by putting in your banking information. Click the “I have read and agree..” box and submit.

7. Add WordPress to your bluehost.

This part is pretty easy and is the last step to starting your blog. You’ve almost made it so hang in there! To install WordPress follow the next points.

– Once you’ve received your welcome to Bluehost email you will be brought to the Cpanel through that link. On this page you will find “One Click” install – click “one click install.

– You will see WordPress on the following page. Click “WordPress”. Click start and this will prompt installation

– You will now see a drop down menu which will be directing you to choose the domain you wish to have WordPress installed on. Click the name of your domain.

– “Advanced Options” is the next thing you will see. This is where you will choose your username and password for WordPress. Click “automatically create a new database for this domain”. The click “Install”.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now the proud new owner of a wordpress blog. You can start your first post by clicking  “posts”, then “add new”. There are many options for your website. You can add new themes, change the appearances , and so much more.  Please keep an eye out on more tutorials on how to enhance your blog. If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, please feel free to email me for guidance. Happy Blogging!

You’re worth it.



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