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10 Ways to Earn Extra Money This Summer

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I always thought that when I “grew up” I would get one job, make money, receive advancements, and that would be it. As clear cut as that. It does not have to be an eight to five job which can generate an income. There are soo many different side jobs which can help bring in extra cash to help you with those stubborn bills – you just have to set your standards high and get creative.


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Here is a list of ten different side jobs to make extra money this summer.

1. Landscaping/Grass Cutting

This may seem like the typical preteen summer job but you would be surprised as to how much extra cash you can make on a sunny Saturday. Most individuals will pay up to $50.00 per lawn or more as well as supply their own lawn mower/weed wacker. If it takes one hour to cut a lawn and you spend 6 hours then you can make $300.00 a day!! If you do this for only four Saturdays a month then that equals to $1200 extra dollars for that month. All you have to do is post up an ad, spread by word of mouth or (in some small communities) go door to door.

2. Pet sitting / Dog Walking

There are many people getting ready for holidays, weddings, and special events in the summer time. One extra cost a lot of people factor in is that they have to find a loving place to leave their fur-family members. In my area, familes will pay up to $20.00 a night for a dog sitter. This is such a great way to make extra money because if you are an animal lover -like myself- then this is not considered a job at all.

3. Babysitting

There is an abundance of children in my community and I am sure in yours as well. Life gets busy and kids are finished school but those moms and dads still work a Monday to Friday job. If you love children, this can be a very rewarding income. When I use to babysit I would make upwards to $15.00 an hr just to have some fun with kiddies.

4. Make a Product and Sell at Farmers Markets

From May until September there are a lot farmers markets happening. If you can make a craft, bottle jams, or create any home based products then you can sell at a farmers market.

5. Create a Shopify Store

This leads back to number 4. If you can create a product and enjoy doing it then why not sell on Shopify. You can reach a large number of people online and can do this even if you can live in a remote area. You can create a shopify store here. 

6. Offer a Service

Most people hold valuable skills which others would love to learn “how to”. For example play an instrument, crochet/knit, cook, just to name a few. This is practically free for you and requires no start up cost. Put up a free ad on your local kijiji or Craigslist and wait for the clients to appear. It’s up to you how much you feel your service should cost but remember not to sell yourself short. A great way to make extra money!

7. Host a Garage Sale

If you are like myself, I know you have plenty of “junk” kicking around your apartment or homes that you do not even know you own. Go through your things, declutter, and have a yard/garage sale. One mans junk is another mans treasure. 

8. Get a Part Time Job

Most businesses are looking for casual and part time employees for the summer months. Employers are usually very flexible in the summer when it comes to hours. If you work an unusual schedule but would enjoy a short shift serving tables a few times a week then most employers can accommodate you during this high time season.

9. Online Surveys

There are so many websites which will pay you for answering surveys. You can make a little extra cash and it does not require a lot of effort. Just be honest and truthful. Swagbucks is a great way to make some extra cash.

10. Clean Homes

Everyone wants a clean home but not everyone is interested in scrubbing on a sunny summer day. Put up an ad or advertise on social media that you are cleaning homes during the summer months. People will pay good money to have a deep scrub of their homes. The best part that it’s usually on your time and when you feel you will have time to do so.

Good luck everyone and I hope you are all able to make a extra money this summer.

You’re worth it.