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33 Facebook Groups To Help You Become A Successful Blogger

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I know how scary it can be to first start out with a blog. Especially if you are like me, I had no idea who to ask for help. Blogging is not something any of my friends or family understand so it is not like I could turn to them for guidance. After much research, I found something which turned out to be my best friend. Facebook Groups! There are so many amazing Facebook Groups out there which can help you. I have made plenty of blogging friends who have answered questions from how to create a great featured photo to how to increase traffic to my blog. Networking is so important in this field. Whether you are doing this as a hobby or for full-time employment, you need support. The best thing is that almost all bloggers have the same mind set. We are there to support one another. Bloggers do not see each other as other threats but see each other family and support.


Why Do I Need Need to Network?

  • To obtain lifetime friendships with people who share the same interests.
  • Have unlimited resources to ask questions.
  • You can share your knowledge with other bloggers to help them.
  • Find out different information without asking any questions. I.e. there are daily posts with helpful info.
  • These groups can help you find things like VA jobs, ask for guest posts, be a guest blogger.
  • Share your links to your blog, social media accounts, and new posts you have up.
  • Increase traffic to your site.
  • Collaborate!!


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Those are just to name a few. The possibilities are endless when it comes to having a strong community of bloggers. So I have put together some of my favorite groups that you can easily join and start posting today. Keep in mind that when you join a lot of these groups you may have to fill out a form when you click “join group” and answer a couple of questions about yourself. You do not need to join all of these groups either. I have a whole list of collaboration groups which incorporates VA’s, New Blogging info, and much more. Apply only to the groups you feel relate to you and your blog.


  1. Blogging Newbs
  2. Blogging Boost
  3. Girlboss Bloggers
  4. Perfectly Pinterest with Jena Liat
  5. Being Boss
  6. Easy Pinterest Traffic
  7. Connect & Cultivate with ivory Mix
  8. Grow Your Blog
  9. The Creative’s Corner
  10. Freedom Hackers Mastermind
  11. Female Entrepreneurs Collaborate
  12. Creative Biz Owners
  13. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers
  14. Bloggers United
  15. The Blog Loft
  16. Blog Beautiful
  17. The Blogging Squad
  18. Bloggertunities
  19. Make Money and RV
  20. Making Sense of Cents
  21. Blog + Biz Babes
  22. Blog-Woo Babes
  23. Blogging 101
  24. Bloggers Agenda
  25. Make Your Blog Beautiful
  26. Start a Money Making Blog
  27. Bloggers That Profit
  28. The Work at Home Woman
  29. Virtual Assistant Forums
  30. Ultimate Virtual Assistants
  31. Bloggers Lounge
  32. Guest Blogging Group
  33. The Money Doll 😉

And there you have it!  My top 33 Facebook Groups which you have to be a part of! This will help you ten fold. Since joining these groups my traffic has increased, I have gained friends for life, and my blog has become successful. Facebook groups are one of my biggest resources and I highly recommend to my fellow blogging pals! Check me out at The Money Doll group where I am always there to help. There are many bloggers which use the phrase “Content is King”. This is definitely true! I, however, like to use “Content and Collaboration is King”.


Happy Blogging my dolls. I hope you all have a fabulous day.

You’re worth it.


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    1. Thanks! These are ones that I have previously been in or are currently. They are my favourite ones 😊 I would never manage all of them at once because you know how exhausting too many can be !

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