Big Exciting News!! You Do Not Want To Miss This!

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Drum roll, please… I have some huge exciting news for you! I have created a YouTube channel! That’s right, The Money Doll is going live. I cannot believe that I built up the nerve to speak online to my readers. I want to have a more personal connection with everyone and I felt that this was a good way to do so.

Do not panic! I am not going anywhere. My blog will still be up and running. I am going to use my vlog to further clarify any topics that you and share my life with you! I posted an introduction video so please hop on over to The Money Doll on Youtube and check that out. Please bare with me because I will be honest with you – I have no clue what I am doing in regards to Youtube. I am sure I will figure it out. If you have any tips to share along to me then comment below or on the Youtube comments. I am open to learning and will never turn away some good tips. In saying that, I am asking to only receive positive comments. I know that the world is not full of positivity and there is going to be people out there who does not like my content. That is okay, we are all different and have different interests and opinions. Hopefully, these people will not post rude comments and if they have nothing good to say they do not say it at all.

I hope you all follow me to Youtube, check out my video and SUBSCRIBE 🙂


I will see you all there!

Thank you to my fellow readers out there who has made this possible.

Courtney <3